Debt Recovery Pricing

Our Debt Recovery Team have many years of experience in all aspects of debt recovery from modest amounts to seven figure sums. 

Chris Mason (Director) and his team are here to help.

Pricing for Debt Recovery

The cost of recovering a debt will depend on the circumstances of each case including whether the debt is admitted or disputed.

We charge by reference to an hourly rate, which varies between £  – £260 per hour.

The hourly rates charged will vary according to the experience and qualifications of the staff member dealing with your matter.

Court Fees

A fee is payable on the issue of proceedings and this fee depends on the amount claimed.  Fees are also payable when cases reach Trial, when a Hearing Fee is due – this will vary on the precise amount of the sum claimed.

Some complex cases might require the involvement of a Barrister and the Barrister’s fee will depend to a large extent on the amount claimed and the nature of the work involved.  This can range from between £300 to over £300 per hour. 

Some cases might require the involvement of an expert witness and these fees vary widely depending on the nature of the dispute and its subject matter.

It is difficult to predict precise levels of fees because your case might settle any stage from its inception to Trial, but if your case when to Court, you could expect to pay fees of anywhere between £7,500 – £15,000 and you could expect the matter to conclude anywhere between 12 and 18 months following the receipt of your initial instructions.  More complex cases will attract higher fees and might take longer to resolve.

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