Solicitors for the Elderly


We are proud to announce that our private client Solicitor, Laura Harding, has passed all of the necessary awards and is now a fully accredited member of Solicitors for the Elderly!

Who are SFE?

Solicitors for the Elderly (SFE) is a national association of independent lawyers (Solicitors, Barristers and Chartered Legal Executives) who specialise in legal services for older and vulnerable people. Founded in 1996, SFE set out to be a specialist group of lawyers to support and make a difference to older and vulnerable people. It is now a national organisation with over 1600 members across the United Kingdom, all of whom are fully committed to this ethos.

Why use an SFE member?

Not just anyone can become a member of SFE, only a very select group. They must be fully qualified, regulated and insured solicitors, barristers or chartered legal executives who spend at least 50% of their time working with older and vulnerable clients. They undertake continuous training keeping their skills and knowledge up to date.

We understand that using a solicitor can be a daunting experience, but by using an SFE member you can be assured that the solicitor you meet with will be both understanding and sensitive to the needs of older or vulnerable clients. As SFE members are also trained in older client care they can take into account any difficulties both mental and physical which can affect older and vulnerable clients and are aware of the health and social problems that people may face whilst respecting their dignity.

Aside from their specialist legal knowledge, SFE members make every effort to put clients at ease and provide advice in a clear, appropriate way that is in their best interests.

Should you require further information regarding Solicitors for the Elderly, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team of specialists is eagerly available to assist you with any inquiries you may have.